About Us
About us
“Xiang” – located in the 100-year-old hot spring origin of “Beitou”, at Datunshan’s stretching peaks, surrounded by nature and enjoy a corner of tranquility in the city during the busy and noisy hours. Soaking in the embrace of the hot springs, washing away your exhaustion, as if you’re in a paradise relaxed and free~
“Ping”--the simplicity of Japanese modern architecture takes you into the mountain forest, embraces nature, and is naturally pure and in line with hygienic standards. White Sulfur Hot Spring is your best choice for trying out quality hot springs, let “Xiang” take you into a time tunnel, witness the century-old hot springs.
Water House

No. 248, Guangming Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Reservation number:+886-2-2892-8288



◆ Extra mattress 700 NTD / bed (limited room type).
◆ Accommodation holiday definition: Friday, Saturday, consecutive holidays and eve.
◆ Accommodation time:
▪ From April to September, from Sunday to Thursday, the check in time is after 15:00 – the following day at 12:00.
  On Fridays and Saturdays (including the last day of holiday), the check in time is after 18:00 - the following day at 12:00.
▪ From October to March, depending on the number of guests on the day, the time to check in is subject to the hotel schedule.